Information Collection, Use, and Retention: Developers

We store:

This information is kept indefinitely, but we can delete it upon request.

We also store data used for translating application binary addresses into symbolic information. This information is derived from a dSYM, but the dSYM itself is never transmitted to or stored by us. These transformed versions can be stored indefinitely, but can be deleted after a period of non-use.

The servers developers interact with have a logging retention period of 7 days, and do not contain IP addresses.

Information Collection, Use, and Retention: End-Users

Stacksift’s services operate by collecting and processing the runtime state of an application. This state describes what the application code is doing at a moment in time, but does not contain information about the data the application is working with.

We do not collect or store any personally-identifiable user information. Because we have no data to identify a user, we also have no way to find or delete reports that came from a specific user.

Stacksift can optionally collect a developer-supplied unique identifier. This value is used exclusively for unique counting, and cannot be used to look up a report or for any other purpose. This value may be contained within the raw report data, which is retained for a maximum of 1 year.

The servers user devices interact with have a logging retention period of 7 days, and do not contain IP addresses.


We currently don’t use any cookies on our site. But, if we ever change that, we’ll let you know here.


Our products can be integrated into both a developer’s system and their applications. We take the security of both these aspects seriously. If you find a security issue, please report it to us immediately.

Sharing Data

Chime Systems Inc. is a Canadian corporation. We minimize the data we collect. We have no personally-identifiable end-user data to share, but we do have some developer data. We may be legally forced to provide information we do have to authorities. We have never been asked to do that.


We currently believe we are a GDPR-compliant Data Processor and Controller for both end-user and developer data. However, we are not certified as such, nor are we capable of signing Data Processing Addendum. If you need such an agreement, or have additional question about GDPR compliance, please contact us.

This policy was obviously not written by lawyers. It is not legally binding. However, we reserve the right produce a binding version in the future. We’ll do our best to keep the spirit the same. If you have an issue with this, please get in touch with us about it.