We’re Out of Beta

We’ve now had beta testers using Stacksift for about four months. They’ve shipped their apps with our stuff! They’ve helped us find a ton of bugs, smooth out many rough edges, and get a much better understanding of our system with a bit of load. But, most importantly, they’ve helped us to more deeply understand stability, and the frustrations that can go along with trying to improve it.

We’ve been really happy with how things have gone. So happy, we’ve decided to open things up more!


Despite things going really well, we aren’t quite at the point where we can handle unlimited sign ups. We need a way to make sure the load on the system and associated costs are somewhat predictable. We used plain email for beta testing, and found it worked great. So, we’re going to stick with a similar approach for now.

If you want to give Stacksift a shot, you just need to submit an email. We’ll get in touch with details on how to get set up.


After getting set up, we’ll give you 100 free crashes to evaluate Stacksift. This should give you enough of an opportunity to evaluate the service. If you want us to continue processing your crashes, a paid account will be required (10 USD/month).

In addition to on-going service, a paid account will also get you access to email-based crash debugging assistance. Stacksift’s analysis system only gets better when we incorporate new and interesting data. And a great way to find that data is when users tell us. There’s no guarantee we can actually help, of course, But tricky crashes are always interesting, and so far, we’ve found this to work really well.

Get Yourself Going

It’s been really exciting to see Stacksift’s grouping and analysis strategies applied to a larger volume of data. Particularly when combined with the types of events MetricKit can capture, the results have been amazingly effective at surfacing subtle issues. And working directly with beta testers to help them interpret the data has been really productive. It’s been a great source of feedback, and was the inspiration for our email help-line concept.

If what we’re doing sounds interesting to you, sign up! We’d love to have you.

Sep 09, 2021 - Matt Massicotte

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